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Belgian Tripel

Oatmeal Stout

German Pilsner

So this one was testing a few things. First was a new barley variety from Red Shed Malting which hasn't quite hit the market yet. Look for Lowe when it comes out. This batch was 100% Lowe, along with removing the husks, known as "endosperm mashing" which I heard about from Breiss, though the technique is quite old, known as Schrotmaischen which is practiced by the Riegele brewery in Bavaria. The fact that this worked with no stuck mashes further speaks to the quality of this malt. Lastly, I blended traditional and modern lagering techniques to start the krausen in the lagering tank before transfering. Active yeast eliminates the residual oxygen as well as reducing diacetyl and acetaldehyde that can be caused by it during transfer. Although I wouldn't use this specific malt for a Pilsner again - it wasn't malted to be a Pilsner malt - this has the right protein content, enzymatic power and full modification to be an excellent Pale Ale malt. Lowe would be my preferred choice for ales, especially if you don't have the ability to do a mash out as it won't keep converting as quickly. Although I don't have specifics, I had fantastic results with 60 minute boils as well with limited DMS compared to other North American varietals.